Hi. I'm Malory and I'm based out of beautiful Boulder, CO. By day, I work at an Ad Agency here in Boulder. By night, I'm a calligrapher & rock climber. I started Line + Light Studio about a year ago after I had gotten let go from my former day job. In order to fill the free time I suddenly had, I decided to start my own business. Line + Light is meant to be a passion project for calligraphy (line) and, eventually, photography (light). Thanks for visiting and feel free to drop me a note!



My venture into modern calligraphy started with getting engaged to my husband in December 2015 and a Brit + Co online course that I just couldn't stick with. Eventually, I taught myself through Instagram, believe it or not. I dove in head-first and tried to learn everything I could about the craft (and I'm still learning!). I am obsessed with modern calligraphy--I could practice all day if my hand would let me--which is why I also teach workshops twice a month at River North Workshop in Denver (here's the link to sign up). If I can brighten someone's day (or wedding!) with calligraphy, by all means, I'm there.